Today’s blog post comes to you from two very special guest bloggers: Hailey and Brianna!!  Enjoy 🙂

Today was an early morning here in Granada. We woke up at 6:30am to the sun shining and cars buzzing in the fast pace city that is located here in Nicaragua. We rushed to breakfast where our options included waffles, eggs, pancakes, and fruit. A meal fit for kings! After breakfast, we waited for our transportation to La Esperenza. We heard that there was some off-roading to our destination at the school and needed a 4×4 truck. We all anxiously waited for our ride to arrive, and when it did, we quickly hopped in the back cab for an awesome adventure. It was a bumpy ride, but we made it there in one piece!

Upon arrival, we noticed how much the school could really use our help. Unlike previous projects we had helped with, this was a rural school and it was clear that they hadn’t gotten the aid that places such as the BPP had received (because of it’s more central location). Soon, all of the children were moving their own desks out of their classroom and into the shade of a nearby tree where they could continue their lesson. We then started to remove the rest of the furniture and sweep the floors. It was also clear that the students work that was glued to the wall needed to be removed as well. It was tough work taking down all of the remaining posters and pictures, and scary work too! As one of the posters was being taken down, we saw a scorpion hiding behind the paper. The teachers at the school were weary about keeping it alive, but Amanda saved the day when she brought the scorpion to a nearby field were it could live out the rest of it’s days in peace. Once the walls were clear, we began to paint them blue and white (like the flag of Nicaragua). We had a rough start when we realized that many of the supplies we were accustomed to at home when painting, simply weren’t there. No tarps, sponges, and limited brushes & paint made the job harder, but also allowed us to appreciate our home lives much more. We continued to make due with what we had, and were able to finish the whole classroom before we broke for lunch.

 At lunch time, one of the volunteers at the school lead us over to his family home next to the school, where his mother had prepared our lunch for us. We were served a hefty meal of chicken, rice, plantains, salad, and beans that we were very thankful for after a hard mornings work.

Once we finished eating, we made our way back to the school excitedly awaiting the fun part; playing with the kids! A few of the children had already arrived when we got back and it didn’t take long for a “boys vs. girls” soccer game to form. (With the girl’s team scoring the first two of the goals! Go girls!). Some of the other children began playing a form of “ring around the rosy” that we didn’t quite understand, but it was fun none the less! During this time, some of us began to work on continuing to paint the outside of the school. We were weary of the bee’s nest that was lingering but luckily none of us were stung. 

Before we new it, it was time to leave the school. We were sad to go but excited for what was to come! When we got back, we all went swimming while Anthony and Amanda ventured off to buy some supplies to bring with us to the school tomorrow. After this, we ate dinner in a traditional Mexican restaurant, with special Nicaraguan drinks too! Some chose to venture off into the town again, while others decided it was best to rest before our big day tomorrow back at La Esperenza!

Good Night from Granada!

All the best from, Brianna and Hailey