Hello again!

What a great second day at Proyecto Asis! Everyone was ready to get their hands (and feet) dirty again. Luckily, our hard work paid off the day before and no one had to climb through the swamp! One group cleaned the animal cages and raked the area- they loved spending time with the animals. Building the enclosure for the pecerys was mostly the focus for the day. Now that the greenery from the swamp had been cleaned out we could continue on the pathway surrounding the enclosure.

Some students brought gravel and dirt via wheelbarrows, others were cementing stones to line the trail. It was a fantastic group effort, even the staff at Proyecto told the Blyth Academy staff how incredibly efficient our group worked (faster than most groups their age)! Overall it was a accomplished day and we are looking forward to continuing our work tomorrow!


Erika and Carolyn

Activity Coordinators