Everyone could agree that as we woke up we felt a mix of emotions. We were all excited to get on the road and see what Costa Rica has to offer, yet also feeling nostalgic since many of the students had left to go home.

We said goodbye to Granada and hit the road towards the border. We all agree that the people in Nicaragua are sweet, humble and welcoming. We hope that the short time we had with the people we met in Nicaragua has left a lasting impression as well.

As we arrived at the border and hurried to spend the final Cordobas we had, we said goodbye to our guide, Charly. We could not have done this program without him – he went above and beyond every step of the way. We all gave him huge hugs and sent him off.

As we waited to go through Costa Rican immigration, we realized we were going to be in line for a while. To make matters worse, it was extremely hot and sunny. Luckily, we all had sunscreen handy.

On our way to La Fortuna, we picked up the new students who had just arrived in Liberia. We had some time to mingle and have lunch at the Ezquina Americana (american corner). Its safe to say the kids were happy to see McDonald’s! Once we were well fed, we had another 3.5 hours until we arrived in La Fortuna.

Once we arrived, we had dinner, did some ice breakers to get everyone acquainted, and went over some important rules. Most students chose to stay in and rest up before our day of community service. Some brave souls took to the town.

Travel days can be difficult. Everyone is tired, cranky and hungry. However, as we looked out the window of our bus, we all realized how worth it all this is. More so, as we arrived at our hotel and saw Volcán Arenal we all knew this is gonna be a good one.