The adventures that await us on the Hawaiian Islands range from surfing to stargazing. We’ll be enriching our experience by swimming, snorkelling, and optional zip lining in one of the world’s most beautiful environments.

We will begin on The Big Island, where we will study the amazing ecology of the island and how it’s changing before our eyes, from the coffee plantations of Kona to the Green Sand Beach.

We then ascend the world’s tallest volcano, Mauna Kea, going through five biological zones. Following in the footsteps of great astronomers, we’ll study the moon, stars and planets on a stargazing excursion.

Heading back down the volcano, we’ll fly to the island of Maui to enjoy the gorgeous scenery and the historic whaling village and hotspot of Lahaina.

A quick flight later, we land on the island of Kauai. Here, we’ll enjoy spectacular emerald mountains along with Hawaii’s endless, beautiful beaches.

This island will be our home for the majority of the program; we’ll take advantage of its many parks and reserves, including a gorgeous coastal hike.

In Hanalei Bay, we top up our adventure with surfing and stand–up paddling lessons, before a farewell banquet at an authentic Hawaiian luau.

Included in your Program:


Hiking on nature trails




Traditional Luau


Mauna Kea sunset


And more!

Other Inclusions of this Program:

  • Round-trip group airfare from Toronto, arranged by Blyth Academy
  • Group airport transfers at location
  • Transportation for moves between cities with the group
  • Accommodation
  • Tuition
  • Breakfast and dinner daily
  • Farewell Banquet and Awards Night
  • Supervision
  • Pre-departure briefing and materials
  • Designated outings and activities
  • City orientation tours
  • Use of free Internet, where available*
  • Access to Blyth Academy Travel Journal
  • Access to Vidigami photo sharing
  • And much more!

* Most hotels have Wi-Fi in common areas. Please note Internet access may not be available in bedrooms.

Flight Details

Groups are required to meet at the airport 3 hours prior to departure

Group flights are on a request basis. Please contact Admissions at 1-866-960-3552.

Monday, July 31, 2017

American Airlines flight 1259

Depart Toronto 7:10 am

Arrive Dallas 9:26 am

Monday, July 31, 2017

American Airlines flight 229

Depart Dallas 10:30 am

Arrive Kona 1:42 pm

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Hawaiian Airlines flight 560

Depart Kauai 12:35 pm

Arrive Honolulu 1:20 pm

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

American Airlines flight 8

Depart Honolulu 5:31 pm

Arrive Dallas 6:03 am, August 23

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

American Airlines flight 1193

Depart Dallas 7:00 am

Arrive Toronto 11:07 am

Please note: Flights are subject to change by the airline.

Blyth airport staff will meet students flying into Toronto Pearson International Airport from any city with same-day connections to Blyth group flights at no additional charge. Once your student is registered, please email no later than Thursday, June 1st and request an “Airport Meet-and-Greet in Toronto”.Are you flying into Toronto Pearson International Airport to join the group?

Are you making your own flight arrangements?

Students who make their own flight arrangements for this program can be met individually by Blyth staff at the destination airport and transferred to our accommodation at no additional charge. Once your student is registered, please email no later than Thursday, June 1st and request an “Airport Meet-and-Greet in destination”.

Optional Excursions

Dolphin Reef Snorkel in Kona

Come aboard our rigid-hulled zodiac as we go on a Kona coastline adventure to look for pods of wild dolphins and swim with them in their natural habitat!! Our knowledgeable crew of marine biologists have spent years building trust and relationships with the local dolphin pods. Advocates of responsible tourism and dolphin conservation, our crew will guide us in how to respectfully observe, interact and swim with these majestic cetaceans.

Spinner Dolphins are nocturnal predators who feed in the deep waters of the open ocean at night and then come to shallow waters during the day to rest and play. Snorkelling with them in the safe Kona waters is a privilege and a thrill! On our way home we will also have time to snorkel and explore some of the secluded Kona reefs that are only accessible by boat.

Signed waiver required.

Price: $225

Dolphin Reef and Manta Ray Snorkelling in Kauai- Optional Excursions Hawaii 2018

Manta Ray Night Snorkel in Kona

Kona Hawaii is the #1 place in the world to swim with manta rays! Manta rays are one of the largest fish in the ocean and can boast a wingspan of up to 20 feet wide! These gentle giants are completely harmless and unlike stingrays, do not possess stingers or barbs. They have no teeth and feed on plankton which just so happen to be attracted to our underwater lights!

After sunset we will take a short boat ride to a secluded bay where we will put on wetsuits, slip into the water and float on the surface holding onto inflatable noodles. Our custom-built board will shine spotlights across the bottom of the ocean. These lights attract the plankton, and the gentle, harmless manta rays soon follow. Observe these beautiful and ethereal creatures glide beneath you, performing somersaults and spins. Night swimming with manta rays is a mesmerizing, unique and unforgettable experience!

Price: $225

Manta Ray Snorkelling in Kauai- Optional Excursions Hawaii 2018

Na Pali Coast Zodiac & Snorkel in Kauai

Na Pali coast is the magical and uninhabited west coast of Kauai and home to the second highest sea cliffs in the world! Inaccessible by road, the most spectacular way to view the Na Pali coast is by boat. Locals say that if you do only one thing in Kauai, this is the activity to choose!

Come and view majestic sea cliffs, cascading waterfalls and lush valleys aboard our fast and fun rigid-hulled zodiac! Zip in and out of sea caves, past remote beaches and snorkel in pristine waters over remote reefs that are only accessible by boat. This zodiac excursion is an intimate, safe and thrilling way to explore this sacred wilderness. Our salty, windswept and thrilling 6 hour adventure starts early (at sunrise) and will be an absolutely unforgettable experience!

Price: $325

Snorkel Trip in Kauai- Optional Excursions Hawaii 2018

Zipline Adventure Tour in Kauai

Experience the thrill of flying like a bird over pristine Hawaiian rain forest! Feel the rush as you glide over deep valleys and lush tropical forests. With access to over 17,000 acres of former plantation lands, this is a unique opportunity to explore wilderness from above!

We will zoom down the mountainside and sail along a series of seven zip lines as we make our adventure fuelled way back down to the valley below. Our exhilarating adventure ends with snacks in a bamboo grove and a refreshing swim in a natural swimming hole.

Signed waiver required.

Price: $275

Snorkel Trip in Kauai- Optional Excursions Hawaii 2018

Secret Falls Kayak/Hike Tour in Kauai

Want to swim at a hidden waterfall? Join us on a 4 hour eco adventure in search of the beautiful 120’ Uluwehi Falls, a.k.a. Secret Falls.

Our excursion starts with a leisurely 2 mile kayak up the scenic Wailua River and continues with a 1.5 mile hike through the rainforest. Wade through multiple streams and lush rainforest. See tree roots systems the size of an SUV(!) and traverse over muddy trails whilst learning about local flora and fauna from our knowledgeable local guides. Cool off by taking a dip at the stunning Secret Falls pool and then do it all over again in reverse! Muddy, wet and incredibly beautiful, this is island exploring at it’s most authentic!

Signed waiver required.

Price: $145

Snorkel Trip in Kauai- Optional Excursions Hawaii 2018

Kayaking & Cliff Jumping in Kauai

Spend a few hot tropical hours hanging out ‘island style’ and take to the cool waters of the beautiful Wailua River for a kayak to the King and Queen’s bath swimming hole for some swimming and cliff jumping!

We will then paddle to the Kamokila Hawaiian village – a four acre recreated traditional Hawaiian village to learn about the history, culture and natural habitats of the island.

Signed waiver required.

Price: $95

Outrigger Canoe in Kauai- Optional Excursions Hawaii 2018

July 31 – Aug 22, 2017

Travel Services
(incl. taxes & fees)
Tuition & Supervision$1,260
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  • English (ENG3U)
  • Biology (SBI3U)
  • Visual Arts: Photography (AWQ3M)
  • English (ENG4U)
  • Biology (SBI4U)
  • Visual Arts: Photography (AWQ4M)


  • Kona: 4 days
  • Maui: 2 days
  • Kauai: 16 days



*Plus $195 registration fee. Includes group airfare arranged by Blyth Academy and an estimated $675 in airline and departure taxes, local taxes and fees. Please visit for an explanation of our departure taxes, fees, and surcharges, and when these fees will be invoiced. All itineraries, excursions, and dates are subject to change.

**Please visit for more details on funding your program through Aeroplan points.